Team Development

As as a specialist for agile methods, I enable teams to reach their true potential.

Team Development is the art of turning unique individuals into excellent teams with a common vision. Modern project management frameworks like Scrum or Kanban offer good advice on how to optimize processes but tend to overlook that real teams are made up of real people. As such, they have to be combined with techniques that foster active individual commitment to be most effective.

My team development workshop series is designed to address this issue by combining an introduction to agile methods with practical exercises based on group dynamics research and communication psychology. This dual approach allows me to go beyond mere theory and convince participants through first-hand practical experience. 

Team Development

Typical challenges I cover in my workshops and seminars are:

  • Building team spirit after project kick-off or changes in leadership
  • Integrating different work cultures during mergers / cross-department projects
  • Positive process analysis and reorientation after setbacks
  • Increasing productivity through efficient communication

No matter what stage your team is at – an investment in your people always pays off in the long run.

Attention: Due to their practical nature, the single-day and two-day intensive workshops I offer are limited to a maximum of 15 participants. For personalized leadership trainings or project monitoring assignments special conditions apply.

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