Rates and Conditions

Following the free initial consultation, I will send you my offer for the services you are interested in and an initial draft of the topics to be covered. This allows you to review which things you want focus on, and it allows me to prepare for our first working session.

For a brief overview of my standard rates (including VAT) for each of the services I offer, please refer to the following list.

  • Personal Coaching / Psychological Counseling (private clients): €120.- / h
    (student discounts available)
  • Personal / Business Coaching (company clients): €180.- / h
  • Team Development Seminar / Workshop “Intercultural Skills” (2 x 8 hours): €2800.-

Travel / housing and facility costs are included for individual clients in the greater Berlin area. For Team Development Seminars, additional facility rental costs may be incurred.

Please note that I offer reduced coaching and counseling rates for single parents in recognition of the invaluable services they provide for society.

In line with professional regulations, all clients receive a standard contract detailing the nature of the services provided and the total number of planned sessions. 

As a general rule, I grant private (non-company) clients the right to terminate this contract at will as long as they inform me at least one week in advance of the next scheduled session. In that case, no charges for the remaining sessions will incurred.

The contract also contains an agreement of confidentiality in accordance with local laws (non-disclosure agreement / NDA).

Health Insurance Coverage and Tax Deductions
Professional coaching and team development in the occupational context generally qualify as advertising / training expenses. Please note that the private coaching and counseling services I offer are not usually covered by German health insurances but often qualify for tax deductions.