Guiding Principles

Scientific Orientation
In order to maintain the highest possible level of professionalism, the methods and interventions I use to support my clients are generally based on empirical psychological science, meaning that their effectiveness has been proven in large-scale studies by multiple independent research teams across a wide range of different settings.

Whenever I integrate concepts and wisdom from other intellectual traditions into my work (e.g., Zen Buddhist awareness techniques), I do so because I am fully convinced that they offer useful solutions for a client’s specific situation.

Cooperative Empowerment
Good coaching, training and counseling always aim to reinforce a client’s ability to achieve an important personal goal in a positive and self-reliant way. My main function can thus be likened to a guide: I show my clients techniques to overcome mental roadblocks, draw attention to unused potentials and possibilities, and help them plan the most efficient route. What goals they want to achieve and how fast they are willing to travel, however, is always theirs to decide. I do not work for my clients; I work with them.

Culturally sensitive, ideologically neutral
More than two decades of international experience have taught me that opinions on “normal” and “common sense” strongly differ from one culture to the next. As a psychologist by profession and a cosmopolitan by choice, I do my best to stay open for new perspectives; as such, my work is based on tolerance and a deep respect for the unique beliefs, convictions, and personal philosophies of my clients.

Ethical Obligation
My work fully conforms to the Code of Ethics of the International Coaching Federation. These guidelines include (among others) a strict obligation to maintain:

  • Confidentiality in compliance with applicable local laws
  • Voluntariness, including a client’s right to terminate the process at any point
  • Honesty concerning my qualifications, expertise, experience, and training

Certification and Supervision
As a member of the German Coaching Association (DFC), I am required to keep records of my work, participate in supervisions and peer intervisions, and complete a fixed number of vocational training programs every year. For details, please see the respective section of the DFC homepage.