Psychological Counseling

As a counselor and professional psychologist (Dr. Dipl.-Psych.),
I support my clients during challenging transitions.

Psychological Counseling done right can turn a big challenge into a big chance for personal growth. Sometimes the fresh perspective I provide is all a client needs to break free and initiate sweeping changes that were long overdue. At other times, my main task is to accompany and moderate an ongoing process of gradual improvement.

Psychological Counseling

Depending on your personal needs, I will help you develop:

  • techniques to disentangle complicated interpersonal relations
  • resources to cope with emotional setbacks and frustrations
  • methods to overcome isolation and inactivity
  • effective ways to assert your authentic self

For further details about the guiding principles of my work, its scientific background and my personal qualifications, please see the respective sections of this homepage.

And of course I would be happy to tell you more in a free initial consultation.