Dr. Tobias Soeldner

Tobias Soeldner spent most of his adult life in transition between Europe and East Asia. Originally on track to become an engineer, frequent contact with foreigners and an increasingly international network of friends and colleagues triggered him to discover his true vocation in Cross-Cultural Psychology.

Beginning in 2001, he first studied, then taught Psychology and Intercultural Communication at top-level Universities in Germany and Japan. For his PhD research on expatriate adjustment cycles he was awarded an excellency stipend by the prestigious German Academic Scholarship Foundation, special admission to Tokyo University (東京大学) and a Doctorate in Natural Sciences (Dr. rer. nat.) rated magna cum laude (with great honors).

During his work for the German government (DIJ Tokyo, 2014-2019), he coordinated several international research projects on multinational teamwork, foreign culture adjustment and happiness which culminated in a series of presentations at major scientific conferences, workshops, and training seminars for team leaders and managers (see qualifications).

Combining psychological expertise with two decades of intercultural experience, he continues to help his international clients and patients reach their full potential.

Ako Mishina
Office and Customer Service

Ako Mishina came into contact with European culture and languages at a very young age. Originally on track to become a professional pianist, she studied in Linz and Vienna before returning to Japan in 1998. Back home she first worked as a professional translator for two international auction houses until her excellent linguistic capabilities allowed her to pass the C2 German Language Diploma (highest level of the Austrian OSD-test). In 2006, she joined the consular service entrusted with the inspection and preparation of official documents.

Since 2019, Ms. Mishina has established herself as an invaluable asset of the Culture Science Network. In addition to her organizational and linguistic skills, her own intercultural experience and perspective have more than once proven crucial for smooth negotiations with international clients.